Portfolio Acquisition and sales

We acquire, manage and sell receivables portfolios.

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Acquiring Receivables Portfolios

Through KAPS & CO’s acquisitions and sales program, we enable creditors to create immediate cash for their accounts receivable at all stages of the account lifecycle. If creditors are unable to collect payment on outstanding debt according to the terms of their financing, they may seek to recoup some of the loss by selling us their debt.

There are instances where a creditor sees limited or no opportunity to recover the funds. Rather than continue to wait for the debtor to pay off the delinquent debt in full, the creditor could turn to a debt buyer and transfer ownership of that account for a smaller return. Such an option might be taken as an alternative to the debt lapsing into a complete loss for the original creditor.

Receivables Portfolio Sales

KAPS & CO offers portfolios for sale to our approved network of partners. Our approved buying partners have all been through a due diligence review before allowing them to participate in any sales activities. Buyers must execute a non-disclosure agreement and provide additional information about their business for review.

Approved buying partners complete a Portfolio Preferences profile to help us better understand their specific buying needs and investment strategy. The information collected through this profile provides us with the key information needed to present appropriate portfolios to each of our partners.

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